Joseph Schillinger Poster - Area Broken by Perpendiculars


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Size: 15x20 cm / 6x8″

  • 15x20 cm / 6x8″
  • 30x40 cm / 12x16″
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  • 70x100 cm / 28x40″
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"Area Broken by Perpendiculars" by Joseph Schillinger stands as a significant representation of geometric abstraction in modern art. This work, exemplary of Schillinger's attention to detail, celebrates the intricate relationship between art and mathematics, highlighting the fusion of form, function, and precision.

Executed with meticulous care, the piece utilizes a series of lines and spaces to convey a complex narrative of geometry. Schillinger's technique involves a careful arrangement of perpendicular lines, which create a visually dynamic interplay of angles and shapes. This precision, likely achieved through a controlled palette and sharp contrasts, emphasizes the artwork's mathematical roots and artistic flair.

"Area Broken by Perpendiculars" doesn't merely present geometric shapes; it unravels the elegance and complexity inherent in the discipline. Historically, geometric abstraction has been a pivotal movement in art, challenging perceptions and emphasizing the beauty in structure and symmetry. Schillinger's piece is emblematic of this tradition, bridging the gap between theoretical geometry and visual representation.

Viewers observing "Area Broken by Perpendiculars" are not only confronted with Schillinger's artistic prowess but also with a deeper appreciation for the world of geometry. The intricate patterns and careful construction of the artwork evoke a sense of wonder, prompting contemplation on the harmonious dance between numbers, shapes, and visual expression.

Joseph Schillinger's reputation in the art world is underscored by creations like this. His ability to transform mathematical concepts into visual masterpieces showcases both his technical proficiency and his innovative approach to art. "Area Broken by Perpendiculars" exemplifies the essence of geometric abstraction, presenting viewers with a visual puzzle that stimulates both the eye and the mind.

For enthusiasts of geometric art, this poster offers a connection to a broader history of abstraction, emphasizing the beauty of mathematical precision and its influence on modern artistic expressions. Engaging with Schillinger's work is not just an appreciation of its visual elements but an exploration of the intricate relationship between math and art.

Joseph Schillinger's "Area Broken by Perpendiculars" serves as a testament to the evolution of geometric abstraction. By integrating mathematical precision with artistic innovation, the piece invites viewers to immerse themselves in a world where lines, angles, and spaces come to life, revealing the profound depth and beauty of geometry in art.

Museum-quality poster made on long-lasting matte (uncoated) paper.

- Paper-weight: 170 gsm / 65 lb.

- Shipped in sturdy packaging protecting the poster.

Frame not included.
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    Joseph Schillinger Poster - Area Broken by Perpendiculars

    15x20 cm / 6x8″
    15x20 cm / 6x8″