Joseph Pennell


    Joseph Pennell Poster - Harbor And Skyline At Night


    In the realm of cityscape art, few pieces capture the essence of urban nocturnal beauty as vividly as Joseph Pennell's "Harbor And Skyline At Night." A representation of New York...

    Joseph Pennell Poster - New York City, Skyscrapers At Night


    Joseph Pennell, an eminent figure in the realm of lithography, presents "Harbor And Skyline At Night" as an exquisite testament to his expertise in this printmaking technique. This artwork captures...

    Joseph Pennell Poster - New York Harbor

    $18.00 – $35.00

    Joseph Pennell's "New York Harbor" stands as a testament to the artist's keen observation and adept craftsmanship. A significant figure in historic American art, Pennell's contributions to the lithography medium...

    Joseph Pennell Poster - Storms Coming Up

    $18.00 – $35.00

    Joseph Pennell's mastery in the realm of lithography art is impeccably displayed in his work, "Storms Coming Up." One of the prominent American artists of his era, Pennell’s technique stands...

    Joseph Pennell Poster - The Harbour And The Statue Of Liberty

    $18.00 – $35.00

    Joseph Pennell's lithographic work, "The Harbour and the Statue of Liberty," stands as an epitome of meticulous artistry and profound historical insight. Situated in New York Harbor, the artwork provides...

    Joseph Pennell Poster - Winter Sunset, New York Harbor

    $30.00 – $60.00

    Joseph Pennell, renowned for his mastery in lithography, offers an intricate portrayal of New York Harbor during a poignant winter sunset in his artwork titled "Winter Sunset, New York Harbor."...

    Joseph Pennell Poster - The Schooner

    $30.00 – $60.00

    Joseph Pennell's "The Schooner" stands as a testament to the intersection of artistry and maritime history. Hailing from an era when the essence of sea voyages was imbibed with both...

    Joseph Pennell Poster - Smoke And Fog On Gray Day, New York City

    $50.00 – $70.00

    Amidst the bustling rhythm of 20th-century cityscapes, Joseph Pennell carved a niche for himself, capturing the essence of urban life with unparalleled finesse. His artwork, "Smoke And Fog On Gray...

    Joseph Pennell Poster - Looking Up Broad Street from Spruce Street

    $18.00 – $50.00

    Joseph Pennell's lithograph "Looking Up Broad Street from Spruce Street" is a captivating representation of urban life in the 20th century. More than just a vintage poster, this artwork is...

    Joseph Pennell Poster - Fifth Avenue Noon

    $18.00 – $50.00

    Joseph Pennell's "Fifth Avenue Noon" offers a vivid depiction of early 20th century New York. This lithograph captures the essence of Vintage New York Art, presenting a unique intersection of...

    Joseph Pennell Poster - The Union League

    $18.00 – $50.00

    Joseph Pennell's "The Union League" stands as a visual testament to both architectural grandeur and the foundational values of civic engagement. Through this detailed artwork, Pennell bridges the realms of...

    Joseph Pennell Poster - The Prow

    $18.00 – $50.00

    Joseph Pennell's artwork "The Prow" captures the essence of maritime exploration, drawing the viewer into the world of fearless voyages and uncharted territories. This isn't merely a depiction of a...

    Joseph Pennell Poster - The Girard Trust Company

    $18.00 – $50.00

    In the vast realm of financial artistry, few works capture the essence of stability and trust as aptly as Joseph Pennell's "The Girard Trust Company." This artwork isn’t just a...

    Joseph Pennell Poster - The Approach to Gatun Lock

    $18.00 – $50.00

    Located at the heart of human engineering prowess is the Panama Canal, and at the heart of its artistic representation stands Joseph Pennell's "The Approach to Gatun Lock". This artwork...

    Joseph Pennell Poster - The City Hall and Bridge Across Market Street

    $18.00 – $50.00

    Joseph Pennell's "The City Hall and Bridge Across Market Street" is more than a mere poster. This artwork, meticulously crafted by Pennell, provides viewers with a snapshot of urban history,...

    Joseph Pennell Poster - The Ants

    $18.00 – $50.00

    Joseph Pennell's "The Ants" presents a detailed portrayal of the natural world, with a focus on the industrious life of ants. This artwork, more than just a representation of insects,...

    Joseph Pennell Poster - Ready to Start

    $18.00 – $50.00

    "Ready to Start," crafted by the esteemed Joseph Pennell, stands as a testament to the universal emotions that accompany the brink of new ventures. This artwork does not just depict...

    Joseph Pennell Poster - Mid-day, General Electric Works

    $18.00 – $50.00

    Situated amidst the fervor of American industrial progress, "Mid-day, General Electric Works" by Joseph Pennell offers a vivid portrayal of the intricate dance between human endeavor and technological advancement. This...

    Joseph Pennell Poster - Eads Bridge, St. Louis

    $18.00 – $50.00

    Situated above the flowing waters of the Mississippi River, "Eads Bridge, St. Louis" is not just a structural marvel but also a cultural touchstone that signifies the epoch of American...

    Joseph Pennell Poster - Down Sansom Street

    $18.00 – $50.00

    Joseph Pennell's "Down Sansom Street" captures the vitality and intricacy of urban life in Philadelphia. Unlike a mere visual representation, this artwork delves deep into the city's core, meticulously portraying...

    Joseph Pennell Poster - City Hall Square and Wanamaker Building

    $18.00 – $50.00

    In the realm of art that portrays the essence of city life, Joseph Pennell's "City Hall Square and Wanamaker Building" stands as an emblematic representation of Philadelphia's urban heartbeat. A...

    Joseph Pennell Poster - Building the great turret

    $18.00 – $50.00

    In the heart of the industrial revolution, amidst the rhythm of machines and the determination of workers, arose artistic depictions of the era's might and ambition. One such portrayal, "Building...

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