John Singer Sargent Poster - Capri Girl On a Rooftop


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Size: 25x25 cm / 10x10″

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John Singer Sargent's "Capri Girl On a Rooftop" stands as an emblematic representation of the artist's adeptness in portraiture art. This piece, beautifully capturing a young girl against the evocative backdrop of Capri, Italy, diverges from the conventional portrait by introducing a narrative scene – the choice of a rooftop setting. This artistic decision not only frames the subject within a broader context but also grants viewers an intimate glimpse into a fleeting moment in the sun-drenched Italian landscape.

Sargent, a pivotal figure in American art, drew much of his influence from the Impressionist movement. This is evident in "Capri Girl On a Rooftop", where his distinct brushwork, imbued with the Impressionist technique, becomes the medium through which light and shadow dynamically interact. Each stroke adds depth and dimension, creating a tactile sense of the warm Capri sun and the soft texture of the subject's attire. The girl’s innocent gaze, juxtaposed against the expansive backdrop, evokes a sentiment of wanderlust and deep contemplation, reminiscent of the broader themes often explored by Sargent in his works.

Color plays a critical role in this artwork. The muted earth tones, combined with sporadic bursts of vibrant hues, mirror the natural palette of Capri, from its terracotta rooftops to the deep blues of the surrounding waters. This harmonious blend not only establishes a sense of place but also accentuates the subject, drawing the viewer's attention to her contemplative expression.

Historically, John Singer Sargent is recognized for his ability to traverse between formal portraiture and scenic landscapes. However, "Capri Girl On a Rooftop" uniquely marries these two domains. The artwork stands as a testament to Sargent's travels and his penchant for capturing the essence of his subjects, whether they be the European elite or a local Capri girl.

The artwork's allure transcends its visual appeal, bridging the gap between classical artistry and the evolving aesthetic preferences of the early 20th century. Within the confines of this canvas, viewers are invited to traverse time and space, from the bustling art salons of yesteryears to a quiet rooftop in Capri.

"Capri Girl On a Rooftop" is more than a mere portrait. It encapsulates a moment, a place, and an emotion. In its brushstrokes, colors, and composition, it offers viewers an intimate journey into the world as seen through the eyes of one of America's most celebrated artists. As one stands before this piece, one can almost hear the distant sounds of Capri, feel the warmth of the sun, and get lost in the depth of the girl's gaze. It remains a testament to Sargent's unparalleled ability to bring to life the world around him with unparalleled vibrancy and emotion.

Museum-quality poster made on long-lasting semi-glossy (silk) paper.

- Paper-weight: 170 gsm / 65 lb.

- Shipped in sturdy packaging protecting the poster.

Frame not included.

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      John Singer Sargent Poster - Capri Girl On a Rooftop

      25x25 cm / 10x10″
      25x25 cm / 10x10″