Hilma af Klint Poster - Svanen nr. 10


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Size: 15x20 cm / 6x8″

  • 15x20 cm / 6x8″
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"Svanen nr. 10", known in English as 'The Swan No. 10', is more than just a visual representation; it's a profound insight into the intricate world of abstract art as perceived by the venerable Hilma af Klint. This artwork is not merely a portrayal of a swan but is infused with profound symbolism and philosophical depth.

In "The Swan No. 10", Hilma af Klint endeavors to explore and communicate concepts that go beyond the superficial, transcending the traditional notions of art. The swan, emblematic of elegance and transformation, is employed by the artist as a motif to delve into profound themes of evolution, spiritual growth, and enlightenment. The choice of the number "10" in the title may allude to specific stages or phases, suggesting a sequence or progression in this spiritual journey.

The art piece captures a delicate balance of form and abstraction, indicative of Klint’s style. The color palette, the delineation of forms, and the overall composition is reflective of her intent to not merely capture the physical essence but the very soul of her subject. It is an exemplification of her commitment to revealing the metaphysical realities that exist beyond our immediate perception.

Hilma af Klint, with her pioneering spirit, constantly sought to challenge and expand the conventions of her time. "The Swan No. 10" is emblematic of this endeavor. While it certainly is visually striking, the true value of this piece lies in its capacity to stimulate profound introspection and engage with the observer on an intellectual level.

In choosing to display "Svanen nr. 10", one is not merely selecting an artwork for its aesthetic appeal but is also embracing the rich tapestry of philosophical inquiries and spiritual musings that it represents. It stands as a testament to Hilma af Klint’s vision and her unparalleled ability to weave together the tangible and intangible into a cohesive and captivating narrative. This piece invites its audience to partake in a deeper understanding of the world as perceived by one of the leading figures of abstract art.

Museum-quality poster made on long-lasting matte (uncoated) paper.

- Paper-weight: 170 gsm / 65 lb.

- Shipped in sturdy packaging protecting the poster.

Frame not included.

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    Hilma af Klint Poster - Svanen nr. 10

    15x20 cm / 6x8″
    15x20 cm / 6x8″